Lots of avenues / directions / choices a designer can propose to a client to create a well designed, beautiful, functional space. BBDG's mission is to find that one design that best expresses our client's aspirations for their home. 

Beverly Baribault spends a lot of time with her clients early in the design process to discover that one guiding element that defines what their vision is for their project. Beverly uses that one guiding element, which she merges with good design principles, to create that "one design" that's uniquely theirs.

"I strive to design a space that is unique and personal to my client. At inception, I discover with my client that ONE thing that guides the design concept. It may be the architecture, an heirloom, a color, a piece of art, or merely an extension of their personality. Because I take this approach, the client becomes part of the design process and the end result is a space that is a reflection of them... not me!" 

BBDG incorporates "one-of-a-kind" design details in each of our projects. These design details arise from size or scal considerations, inability to find what is needed in the marketplace, or simply to add design interest. The talented trade professionals within BBDG work with me to create unique design details.